Creative Culture

A mobile app where underrepresented creatives can showcase their work, sell products or services, and support one another in building their businesses.

< 70 hours
3 Designers
Product Research
Content strategy
Experience design
Pen & paper
Adobe XD
C&C Analysis
User Personas
User Flow
Interactive Hi-Fi Prototype

A Competition


...hosted by Adobe XD, General Assembly, and The Creative Collective. All these companies possess missions aligning to the concept of access, and they all aim to diminish the distance between modern technology and historically marginalized communities.

The Challenge


Design a third-party mobile app that enables underrepresented creatives to access hiring opportunities, showcases, community, and other resources that ultimately empower them and allow them to thrive.


By creating an app that enables underrepresented creatives to

  • Showcase their work

  • Secure financial income

  • Discover other underrepresented creatives

we grant these creatives free promotion for their business, the ability to build wealth and support themselves and their craft, and a community where they can discover others like them and share in solidarity.

Showcase work

Secure financial income


Underrepresented communities are often forsaken in the avenues of educational and financial support, so we want our creatives to have the ability to garner revenue by getting donations, selling products, and selling services! The creatives have a choice to use their profile solely for showcasing their work as well, so whatever it is the creative wants, their profile page is malleable to that.

Discover other

underrepresented creatives

We decided that the discover page should be the landing page because the purpose of this app is to help underrepresented creatives get noticed! This encourages users to explore and check out creatives they’re not already following that they otherwise may not take the time to get to know. We created profiles that highlighted the story and background of the creatives to emphasize the importance of getting to know the person behind the product.

Inspired by
Tik Tok

We knew we wanted to create some type of marketplace like Etsy. We also implemented a donation feature to further aid in that area in the cases where creatives may need a more considerable sum of money to uphold their business. 


We then took inspiration from Tik Tok and Instagram (the monoliths of social media and showcasing) to inform how we might want to design our app to have robust social and community functions and showcasing features.

User Personas
Wendy Wood

Wendy is a Queer Southeast Asian womxn who creates and sells woodwork. She wants to garner revenue from selling her products and needs some extra money to open a wood-working studio.

Dana Dancer

Dana is a Black hiplet dancer pushing the boundaries of what we understand to be “classical dance”. She hopes to offer hiplet classes and open her own studio so that more dancers can explore the cultural revolution that is hiplet.

User Flows

We created two user flows, one for the creative who wishes to sell something, and another for a supporter who wishes to pay for something. We had them stem from the same beginning because we understand that a creative can also, in other instances, be a supporter. We decided to focus our design on the supporters' flow since they will be going through the entire experience of visiting a creatives page and purchasing something.

Initial Sketches

I played around with different ideas of how we might want to layout the landing page. How could we display each post so that there was enough information about the work without distracting from the work itself? How could we show each post so that users can see the interaction happening between other users? 

Once the user was following a creative, how would those posts appear on the screen? Perhaps there was a way to highlight the visual aspect of each post, and if the user was interested, they could seek more information by clicking or pressing on the posts.

How would profiles be structured? To address all the needs of the creatives, I designed a profile page with multiple tabs so that the creative could display their bio, work, products, and services all in one.

Final Product 🌟

Discover / Landing


Profile Pages


Results & Reflections

Onboarding flows provide clarity


We were instructed by the Creative Jam hosts not to create an onboarding flow, but how else are users supposed to know how to interact with the product? If we were to do this again, I would love to create an onboarding flow so that the user can understand the value of the app upon their first interaction with it.

Quick handoffs force prioritization


Designing something in under 70 hours is a challenge, but it forced us to prioritize and understand what should and shouldn’t go into your MVP! Understanding what is imperative to the product vs what is additional fluff trains our minds to be more intentional and critical when proposing design ideas.

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