Hey, there friend!

I'm Ivy Jiahui Ouyang.


Here are some photos of me hangin out with wilting sunflowers 🌻

What about me?

I’m a UX designer who isn’t afraid to express herself, and I love sharing my joy with others! 

If my friends could describe me in three words, they'd be curious, creative, and committed.

I strive to design with I.D.E.A.S. in mind (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Service). With my background in socio-cultural anthropology, ethnic studies, mental health, and peer/youth mentoring, I come to UX design with a multicultural, multigenerational lens that has always been humxn-centred. I am passionate about social justice, community healing, and personal development. I believe that when we heal ourselves, we heal each other, we heal our world.


When I’m not designing, I enjoy reading, playing video games, watching anime, hitting the gym, venturing into nature, and snuggling with my cat, Onyx.

This is my cat, Onyx 🌚

I love her.

No, she's not named after the Pokemon.




Here's some music I'm listening to.


Be cool, don't hate.

Let's be friends.

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